Company Overview

FONLO was founded in 2019, Fanlelai focuses on providing internationally advanced and evidence-based medical nutrition products for emotional health. Our aim is to cater to individuals experiencing psychological and emotional sub-health conditions, ranging from mild to moderate anxiety and depression, insomnia, memory issues, attention deficits, as well as special groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, and children. We strive to offer non-drug solutions for these individuals.

FONLO utilizes the professional e-commerce platforms of Shenzhen FONLO, Hong Kong FONLO, and United States FONLO, along with their international perspectives. We leverage our professional marketing advantages to attract numerous excellent domestic and foreign partners, including psychiatric hospitals, internet hospitals, MONTEFARMACO OTC S.P.A, Soho Flordis International Australia Pty Ltd, Awot Global Corporation, and more.

Through the integration of global research and development resources, we have successfully launched products in the areas of sleep disorders, cognitive series, stable emotional control, and children's mental health. FONLO is committed to continuous investment in research and development within the mental health field, transitioning from a simple product agency to cooperative production.

FONLO aims for a successful mission of bringing good health to patients with mental illnesses and benefiting society as a whole.